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Domestic travel insurance: Australia

Domestic travel insurance starts from $2.60 a day. Get cover for flight cancellations, lost luggage, COVID disruptions and more.

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Why compare domestic travel insurance with Finder?

  • We compare prices from more travel insurance brands than any other site in Australia

  • You pay the same price as buying directly from the travel insurer

  • We don't ask for your phone or email to see prices

  • Our travel insurance engine and expert picks makes it easy to find domestic cover

Cheap domestic travel insurance: InsureandGo

Insureandgo logo

Best Travel Insurance - Domestic

What's good about InsureandGo?

  • It's very cheap. Out of 23 insurers, its Domestic Gold policy is typically $180+ less than average.
  • The Bare Essentials option cost $2.60 a day for a 2 week trip. That makes it the cheapest policy on Finder.
  • The Domestic Gold option won Finder's domestic travel insurance award. It covers up to $50,000 for cancellations, $25,000 for travel delays, $8,000 for lost luggage, $5,000 for COVID cancellation and rearrangement costs, and $7,500 for rental car excess cover.
  • As the name implies, Bare Essentials covers well, the essentials - $2,000 for cancellations, $2,000 for lost luggage and it can cover pre-existing conditions with an assessment.
  • The Bare Essentials option is probably fine for short trips. It might not be enough for longer holidays.
  • The product disclosure statement is confusing. Unfortunately, this is an issue with many travel insurers.
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Gary Hunter

This policy was selected by Finder's insurance and innovations editor Gary Hunter. Gary holds a Tier 1 General Insurance (General Advice) certification and has been helping Australians find good value cover for over 5 years.

What does domestic travel insurance cover?

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Delays and cancellations

30% of Australians have had issues with a low-cost carrier in the past 12 months, according to Finder research. Domestic travel insurance can cover you for cancelled or delayed flights.


COVID-19 expenses

Lots of domestic travel insurance policies now cover COVID-related expenses e.g. if you need cancel or rearrange your trip because you catch COVID.

Lost luggage

Luggage and personal belongings

Comprehensive travel insurance policies cover lost and delayed luggage. This could be a really helpful benefit when travelling in Austrlia. According to Finder's latest 2023 research, almost 8% of Australians have lost personal items when travelling.

Domestic travel insurance and COVID-19

Lots of domestic travel insurance policies cover COVID-related expenses. These can include:

  • Trip rearrangement or cancellation costs if you, a fellow traveller or your host gets COVID and it impacts your trip
  • Expenses if you're unexpectedly forced into quarantine during your trip
  • A prepaid activity that's booked in Australia or New Zealand is shut down
  • Extra child care costs if you get COVID

Here are some brands offering insurance for domestic trips

BrandCOVID related cancellation/rearragementsCooling off periodApply
Medibank Travel Insurance$5,00021 daysGet a quote
Freely Logo$5,00021 days Get a quote
ahm life insurance$5,00021 daysGet a quote
InsureandGo Logo$5,00014 days Get a quote
Kogan travel insurance logo$5,00021 daysGet a quote
Travel Protect$4,00021 daysGet a quote
Tick Logo$2,50014 days Get a quote
Zoom logo
14 days Get a quote
Fast Cover Logo$5,00014 days Get a quote
Insure4Less Travel Insurance Logo
14 days Get a quote
Travel Insuranz Travel Insurance Logo
14 days Get a quote
World2Cover Logo$3,50021 days Get a quote
Covermore logo$5,00021 days Get a quote
Southern Cross LogoSCTIYou select the limit14 days Get a quote
Travel Insurance Saver$10,00021 days Get a quote
Easy Travel Insurance$5,00021 days Get a quote
Qantas travel insurance$2,50021 days More info
All clear travel insurance logo$5,00014 daysMore info
1Cover Logo
14 daysMore info
Boomers Logoboomers-travel-insuranceLimit chosen14 daysMore info
Travel Insurance Direct Logo
$2,50021 days More info
Picture not described$2,50021 daysMore info
WorldcareLimit chosen14 daysMore info
Travel with Kit Logo$15,00014 daysMore info
Travel with Jane Logo$15,00014 daysMore info

Good reasons to get domestic travel insurance in Australia

Yes, you've got Medicare but there are lots of other ways travel insurance can come in handy:

  • Cancellations. This can include anything you've pre-booked – flights, accommodation, excursions and more.
  • Luggage. Lost and delayed luggage has been more common since COVID. Travel insurance can cover essentials so your trip isn't disrupted.
  • Hiring a car. Rental car excess cover is often included in your domestic travel insurance policy so you can avoid the pricey insurance at the dealership.
  • Snow trips. Most brands offer ski insurance policies that will cover your equipment and reimburse you for unused lift passes if something goes wrong. There are similar policies for golfers too.

Compare domestic travel insurance

There are loads of domestic travel insurance policies to choose from. While most cover similar situations, you will find some differences with price and benefit limits. It's also often the case that certain benefits are automatically included or offered as add-ons.

Here is a list of some of our partners and how their domestic policies compare. The policy cost is based on a hypothetical 7-day trip taken by a 28-year-old traveller between 1 and 7 February 2023.


Top Domestic


Gold Domestic

Fast Cover

Domestic Plus

Trip cancellation



Emergency expenses



Travel delay expenses



Luggage and personal belongings



Resumption of journey

No cover

Rental car excess


Policy cost$66.76$68.56$64.99
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Finder AwardBonus
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How to find the best domestic travel insurance

The best domestic travel insurance policy is the one that offers high benefit limits for the situations that matter most to you and also covers you for a wider variety of situations.

Here are some ways you can identify which policy is the best one for you:

  • What are the benefit limits? A benefit limit is the maximum amount of money you can be repaid for any specific area of cover. For many travellers, the most important areas of cover will be trip cancellation and lost luggage. Look for policies with unlimited cancellation cover and enough lost luggage cover to replace all of your luggage and personal belongings if someone stole them or the airline lost them.
  • Are you going to a wedding or other special event? If a transport delay will cause you to miss a special event (such as a wedding, funeral or 50th wedding anniversary), the best policy will cover your expenses to make last-minute arrangements to be there on time. Other policies might pay you back for some of the money you spent on the event if you miss it, but they won't do anything to get you there on time.
  • Are you renting a car? If you take out car insurance on your rental car, your out-of-pocket expenses (or your excess) can run into thousands of dollars if you cause an accident. Rental car excess insurance will help you pay for that. Most policies offer this, but the best policy will be the one that offers you cover for the excess amount of the vehicle, no more or less. You can find out your car hire excess before or when you book your rental car.
  • Does it automatically cover special activities? Many policies will make you pay extra if you want to be covered for riskier activities such as skiing, motorcycle riding and cruising. If you will be doing any of these activities, the best policy will cover them automatically or at very little extra cost.

How to find cheap domestic travel insurance

Finding a cheap domestic travel insurance policy shouldn't be difficult. Here are a few simple ways you can reduce your domestic travel insurance premium:

  • Buy a bare-bones policy. Some insurers offer budget policies that only cover you for the most costly risks, like needing to cancel your trip or cut it short due to an emergency. Obviously, you won't be covered for as much, but if you're looking to save, this is the easiest way to do it.
  • Increase your excess. You can reduce your premium by agreeing to pay a higher excess on your claims. Just don't increase your excess to a level you'd have a hard time paying.
  • Bargain shop. Insurers often run special promotions. If you look hard enough, you'll find coupon codes, giveaways and loyalty incentives.
  • Buy a joint policy. Many insurers will give you a discount if you and your travelling companion (be it friend or partner) take out a policy together. You'll each receive full benefits in most cases.
  • Don't add options you don't need. Some people need extra cover, especially if their trip involves expensive hobbies like skiing. But if your flights and activities didn't cost much, you can go with a more no-frills policy instead.
  • Shop around. It definitely pays to weigh your options. Once you've determined what you need, comparing policies becomes much easier. Review your options carefully and pay attention to each policy's features, limitations and exclusions.

What's not covered with domestic travel insurance?

Because of Australia's public healthcare system, Medicare, domestic travel insurance rarely provides medical cover. As well as this, insurers will provide you a list of circumstances that will void your cover. These are called exclusions. Here are some you may encounter:

  • You didn't disclose a pre-existing condition. You'll be denied for claims related to pre-existing conditions unless your insurer approved it ahead of time. If you have an ailment, tell the insurer before signing up.
  • You were careless with your belongings. Don't leave your stuff unattended. If it's stolen, the insurer won't replace it.
  • You acted recklessly. Say goodbye to your claim if you're drunk or high, or if you break the law.
  • You ignored medical advice. If the doctor says don't travel, you should probably listen. It's dangerous to your health and your claim.
  • You cancelled your trip for no good reason. Your insurer won't reimburse you just because you changed your mind about travelling.
Angus Kidman

Meet our travel expert Angus Kidman

Angus Kidman is the international editor-at-large at Finder. He's an award-winning journalist, avid travel enthusiast and passionate frequent flyer. Angus appears regularly on Sunrise, Today, The Project, Seven News and other TV and radio shows to share his expert tips.

Angus's top domestic travel insurance tips

  • Your health insurance will cover you for injuries while in Australia, but you still need travel insurance to deal with unexpected cancellations and lost luggage.
  • One other common trap? Remember, you're not covered by Medicare on a cruise, even if it's only in Australian waters.
  • Shop around - there are big differences in the costs of policies with similar inclusions.

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