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Best travel insurance in Australia July 2023

Our experts analysed 300+ policies, and chose some top picks to help you find the best travel insurance.

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Need some help? Here are some award winners and top picks in July 2023

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Best comprehensive travel insurance: Southern Cross Travel Insurance

Southern cross

Best Travel Insurance - Comprehensive

Why choose Southern Cross Travel Insurance?

  • SCTI won Finder's 2023 Best Travel Insurance - Comprehensive award. It scored highly for its COVID-related cover, including rearrangement costs, cancellation cover, luggage damage cover and more.
  • It's cheaper than most insurers. It was the third cheapest policy on average compared to the other 28 international policies we analysed.
  • It goes further than the majority of travel insurers. It can cover you for trip cancellations or changes before your journey because of an unexpected event. The majority of insurers typically don't do this. They only cover you for certain reasons. So for example, if your flight was cancelled or delayed for a reason not listed in the PDS, you might not be covered.
  • Fast Cover and Medibank travel insurance tend to offer slightly cheaper policies so may be better options if price is your sole concern. However, they don't cover as much.
  • It's not the only travel insurer to cover cancellations due to unexpected events. Cover-More also does this. However, SCTI is cheaper on average and has an easy-to-understand PDS.
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Best value travel insurance: Fast Cover Travel Insurance

Fast cover

Finder awards winner - Value

Why we chose Fast Cover?

  • It won our Best Value travel insurance award. It offers the cheapest international policy on averaged out of the 28 we analysed.
  • It covers you for the essentials including some types of cancellations, medical expenses and up to $5,000 for COVID-related medical expenses and rearrangement costs. This is one of the reasons it was a Finder Innovation Finalist.
  • Its COVID cover goes further than most. It can pay for additional travel expenses related to COVID. For example, if you catch the virus while you're on holiday and need to delay your flight home, it can pay for staying in accommodation longer. Similarly, it can also cover medical evacuation. Many other insurers don't offer this.
  • It's not the only travel insurer offering COVID cover. Over one third of travel insurers in Australia, including CoverMore, InsureandGo, SCTI and Freely, cover some COVID-related costs. However, Fast Cover has a more detailed list of inclusions.
  • There are more comprehensive policies available. For example, unlike SCTI, NRMA and InsureandGo, Fast Cover doesn't automatically cover rental car excess cover.
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Best seniors travel insurance: Southern Cross Travel Insurance

Southern cross

Best Travel Insurance - Seniors

Why choose Southern Cross Travel Insurance?

  • SCTI won Finder's best seniors policy award. It scored highly because it has a maximum age limit of 119. That's well above the majority of insurers. Many cap at around 80 years of age.
  • It policies are cheaper for seniors than other brands. It was the third cheapest policy on average for 79-year olds. Only FastCover and Medibank cost less.
  • It covers you for your most common travel concerns. You get cover for unlimited medical and evacuation expenses, cancellation fees and lost deposits (you can increase your cover depending on the cost of your journey), damaged or lost baggage, rental car excess should you have an accident, funeral costs and more.
  • While it has a very high age limit, Boomers travel insurance doesn't have any age limit. It's tailored to seniors but SCTI still did better in the awards because it comes with higher limits. For example, you get up to $25,000 for theft or luggage damage. With Boomers, you get up to $10,000. In addition to unlimited medical expenses cover, you can also get a $3,000 hospital cash allowance to cover non-medical expenses in a hospital such as taxi fares or phone calls.
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Top pick for discounts: Medibank Travel Insurance


Why choose Medibank travel insurance?

  • It's cheap. A policy cost $353 on average for a 2-week trip overseas. That's $233 cheaper than average, according to our awards.
  • It's even cheaper if you have a Medibank or ahm health insurance policy. You get 15% off your policy. With the discount, it becomes the cheapest travel insurance policy on average, according to our awards pricing research. It could knock $53 off a $353 policy.
  • You can claim up to $5,000 for COVID cancellation and rearrangement costs. That's the most that any other travel insurer in Australia will cover you for.
  • Medibank can cover you for rental car excess for up to $5,000 for domestic or $6,000 for international trips if your car is damaged, stolen or involved in an accident. This is a standard amount but if you're travelling within Australia, InsureandGo's domestic plan is better. It can cover you for up to $7,500.
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Top pick for price: Tick Travel Insurance

Tick Travel logo

Why choose Tick Travel Insurance?

  • Tick offered the cheapest travel insurance cover for 7 out of the 9 destinations we got quotes for. We looked at a minimum of 30 policies for every destination).
  • For a 1-week holiday to destinations like Bali, Japan and the UK, a basic policy isn't likely to cost you more than $40.
  • You can get 10% off your travel insurance policy, using the code Finder.
  • Its Basic Single Trip policy covers the very basics and no more e.g. unlimited medical expenses, up to $2,000 for lost or stolen luggage and personal belongings and personal liability cover.
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Finding the best travel insurance

Our insurance team have gathered 300+ quotes across 50+ Australian travel insurance policies.
We've selected 5 expert picks based on 2023 Finder Awards data and other policies we feel are offering something unique.

Remember, there's no single best travel insurance policy that suits everyone's needs, since we all have different travel plans and needs.

Why you can trust our research


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Tips to find best travel insurance with COVID cover

Most travel insurers offer COVID cover now and most will cover you for similar COVID-related travel expenses. However, there's still some things you can do to make sure you're getting the right policy for you:

Number 1

Take out cover for all travellers

Whether you're travelling with your partner or the whole family, make sure that you add them to the insurance policy. That way, if someone catches COVID but you don't, you'll still be covered for expenses.

Number 2

Get a policy as soon as you book your trip

That way, you're covered if you get sick and need to cancel. A few insurers including CoverMore and Easy Travel Insurance also won't accept COVID-related claims within 21 days of your trip, so make sure you take out cover at least 3 weeks before you jet off.

Number 3

Check the exclusions

It can be tedious but make sure you give the exclusions in the product disclosure statement a read before you buy. For example, you won't be covered for costs related to border closures. It means that you might be out of pocket for prepaid accommodation or booked airline tickets if the government of that country imposes a lockdown.

How travel insurance can cover COVID: A real-life example

Jillian, Kerry and Tyson travelled from Sydney to Dallas. 10 days in, Tyson (Jillian's son) caught COVID, a day before the family was supposed to leave for a ski trip in Colorado. As a result, they had to rearrange their travel plans.

Unfortunately, Jillian got COVID later and the family had to send Tyson and Kerry home to Sydney, while Jillian stayed another 4 days until she tested negative. She then rebooked her trip home.

Their insurer, Southern Cross Travel Insurance, covered just under $3,000 in costs. The family paid a $500 excess to claim on 2 events.

Your travel insurance news update: July 2023

A Finder survey of 1,110 respondents revealed almost 1 in 3 Australians (28%) – equivalent to 3.5 million people – suffered a travel mishap while abroad in the past 12 months.

The research shows 1 in 7 (14%) endured travel delays, while 8% lost personal items.

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Best travel insurance FAQs

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